Sunday, December 30, 2007

Adjuster Claim Insurance School: Be Wary Of Online Promises

Insurance adjusters investigate property claims, while claims examiners investigate life and health claims and/or accidents and determine how much, if any, insurance money is to be paid to the claimant. Adjuster claim insurance school teaches both types of investigation. Both types of investigators perform virtually the same duties. If you are good with people and excel at asking leading questions, adjuster claim insurance school may be the beginning of the career for you.

Before you take a college course in claims adjusting, you may want to brush up on the prerequisites for the adjuster claim insurance school. If you're still in high school, you need to be good at math and social studies, you will be reading and generating reports and working closely with people from all walks of life. If you can take businesses courses, do so, or if you are out of high school and in college, or out of college and wanting to have a career in claims adjusting, take some business course as this will help you break into the field. Most insurance companies require a college degree, but you may be able to hire on and complete your training on the job if you can show that you have some expertise in this area.

You'll still have to take specialized classes in adjustor claim insurance school. Becoming certified in most U.S. states and Canada requires completion of eight courses in the different types of claims adjusting and investigation, and if you want to be an independent adjuster or examiner, there are additional classes and certifications for that as well.

There are online degrees for claim adjusters on the internet, but be very wary of the cost and accreditation of each adjuster claim insurance school. The one I clicked on while doing research also promised me free diapers for a year. Your local adjuster claim insurance school most likely has night classes in learning at least entry level adjuster certificates. Your best bet is to do your own local research, ask questions, and set up an interview with the adjuster claim insurance school you'd like to attend. Find out if their certification enables you to work in all areas of claims adjusting, or just specifics. It will be well worth your time to actually see the school, rather than sign up and be disappointed.