Saturday, June 20, 2009

Advocate For Health Insurance

While providing health coverage is a big problem for big businesses, it is even worse for small businesses. This is the reason why people need an advocate for health insurance. Small businesses looking to provide health-insurance benefits to compete for top talent find the challenge truly amazing. An advocate for health insurance makes things alot easier.

Large companies often suffer from increases in healthcare premiums, but small employers fare much worse. According to the Annual Employer Health Benefits Survey, an advocate for health insurance can be a great benefit.

Less than half of small businesses offer health coverage to their employees becasue it is simply too hard with an advocate for health insurance. Small firms that do offer it often hesitate to add full-time employees, who each can cost the company a fortune if they elect a family plan.

Even though the federal government is now dealing with a burning national crisis of healthcare costs, some states are acting as an advocate for health insurance and are helping small businesses get their employees insured. This is such a great benefit to small businesses who need a helpiung hand or someone to back them up.

The health-insurance programs that are most popular and are especially pushed by an advocate for health insurance may be ones that directly subsidize premiums. One such program is The Insurance Partnership from the commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is a great program that advocates for small businesses all over the Massachussetts area.

The IPCM, which helps pay for health coverage of lower-income workers offers workers a large insurance subsidy. This is a great program from a successful advocate for health insurance. For example, if a family policy carries a monthly premium, the employer pays only half. Keeping valued employees is their biggest motivation so smart employers recognize this and retain the best possible workforce.

Other places that act as an advocate for health insurance nad are offering insurance subsidies for small-business workers include Rhode Island, Oregon, New Mexico and San Diego. These are all excellent examples of an advocate for health insurance that are for everyone!