Friday, July 24, 2009

Supplemental Home Insurance Philadelphia

What is supplemental home insurance Philadelphia? Well let’s start with the basics, home insurance is a policy that is taken out on your home for coverage to the structure, inside and outside, to protect you in case of natural disasters, accident, or loss. Included in the home insurance policy is insurance for your contents, usually an averaged amount is given which covers your personal belongings. Many times individuals, like you, may have certain items and possessions that need individualized attention and insurance coverage. Living in city of Philadelphia, many choose supplemental home insurance Philadelphia to protect these priceless possessions.

How do you know the amount of supplemental home insurance Philadelphia to get? This is a very good question to ask; if you are insuring jewelry like an engagement ring or wedding band or both, usually the jewelry gives an appraisal when these items were purchased. If not or it was misplaced, all you have to do is go to a trusted jeweler and get another appraisal done which the cost average is $40.

Once the appraisal is completed, it is your responsibility to send a copy of the appraisal to the insurance company stating you would like to add these items to your policy as supplemental home insurance Philadelphia. The insurance company should call you or you should call them before mailing the appraisal to ask the amount of coverage that should be taken out on the rings once you find out their worth.

Let's consider an example of this process. Suppose the engagement ring was appraised at $15,000 and the wedding band was $1500. The insurance company will then give you a supplemental home insurance Philadelphia pricing plan for these two items to be added to your current home insurance.

Supplemental home insurance Philadelphia is offered for everyone who feels they need or want the extra coverage. Many people choose it becasue it gives them an added sense of security.

There are many plans offered under supplemental home insurance as well. The umbrella liability plan allows coverage over your existing home insurance plan and acts like an umbrella to protect you from any holes in your current plan.

Included under the topic of supplemental home insurance Philadelphia is also flood and earthquake coverage. Living in the Philadelphia area, earthquakes are a rarity but flooding does happen. Don’t be caught without you supplemental home insurance Philadelphia plan.