Monday, July 13, 2009

Unemployed Individuals May Have Many Options For Healthcare Coverage When Looking For An Unemployed-Health Insurance Quote

There are a growing number of people looking for an unemployed-health insurance quote so that an individual or an individual’s family can still have the option of seeing a doctor when a need arises. Before considering any unemployed-health insurance quote, there are other options that should be looked into before committing to a new policy. There are a few things that newly unemployed individuals should look into before committing to any unemployed-health insurance quote.

Any insurance agent who is helping a person to find out about getting an unemployed-health insurance quote can also direct that person towards other options before committing to a policy. The first option for a newly unemployed person is COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986.

If an unemployed person qualifies for COBRA, he or she may not need to get an unemployment-health insurance quote for a while. COBRA allows a person who looses their job to continue using their employer-based coverage during unemployment or the duration of time between jobs for a limited time.

Someone who had a job with a smaller employer may qualify for certain state-funded programs that are similar to the way COBRA works. The only problem with this is that not every state offers a similar program and not everyone can afford the state’s premiums, so an unemployed-health insurance quote will be necessary.

Someone who no longer qualifies for COBRA still may not need to seek out an unemployed-health insurance quote if he or she will be starting a job in the near future. Transitional Medicaid Assistance or TMA is for people who are starting new jobs or have low-income for their household and may provide coverage for a full year.

If unemployed-health insurance quotes are expensive or don’t provide enough coverage, federal Medicaid law lets states use Medicaid funds to pay insurance premiums for eligible workers. States use this program because it might be more cost effective for state Medicaid programs.

Those looking for an unemployed-health insurance quote might want to look into programs like the Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Initiative or the Coverage for Children of Unemployed workers. If there aren’t any programs that can help an unemployed individual, then finding the best unemployed-health insurance quote is most likely more affordable than out of pocket doctor expenses.