Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Insurance For A Valet Parking Company

If you are considering opening a small business of valet parking, consider all the expenses before proceeding. Insurance for a valet parking company requires auto coverage and driver coverage, as well as valet drivers that have a clean driving record. Insurance for a valet parking company is similar to your individual auto insurance, but with some extras that must be added to the basic policy. The insurance is considered commercial auto insurance since it is being used for a business.

Liability insurance for a valet parking company is a must! This part of your commercial insurance policy covers damages your valet parking company may cause.

Anything from hurting someone in an accident, causing bodily injury, or property damage is covered ONLY using company cars, not customer cars. The most important thing is to make sure you are fully covered under your insurance for a valet parking company close to 1 million dollars if not more.

When considering the cars that your employees will be handling, if an accident should ever occur, you want to not lose your business because the insurance plan didn�t cover an accident. Insurance for a valet parking company is a definite need.

Specifically, insurance for a valet parking company needs additional coverage that the basic policy does not cover. Your employees are handling customer cars most of the time, these are not considered company cars and the above paragraph does not cover this.

The plan you will need to purchase is called a Garage keeper�s Liability insurance for a valet parking company.

Many valet parking companies purchase additional cars to use to block in their customer cars. They do this to protect the cars since many valet parking companies keep their customers cars over night. By doing this, if an attempt to steal happens, this makes it less likely for the robbers to try and steal the cars if they are blocked in. Using company cars to block in customer cars helps the insurance for a valet parking company lower their premiums.

Always shop around as a new business owner for insurance for a valet parking company. Check employee driving records and do not hire people with poor driving records to work for your valet parking company. This will help keep the cost down for your insurance for a valet parking company.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Insurance Companies That Sell Critical Illness Coverage Are Lifesavers!

If you lived through a critical illness or a terrible disease would your way of life survive too? This is a question that many people often ask themselves and is something that insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage are there for. If you come down with a terrible disease, insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage can most likely save your standard of living and way of life.

Many people each year are afflicted with a critical illness and this is not something that should be ignored. If you plan ahead and consider different insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage, you will know that you have done everything that you can do to protect the future of you and your family members.

Today, many advances in medical technology have decreased the death rate. While we are living longer, we are still getting critical illnesses. Becasue of this, insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage are still in high demand.

If you survive a critical illness, you need to know if you will have enough money to pay for private nurses, home care, special medical treatments,daily living costs etc.. Insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage can provide all of these needs to the patient.

Insurance companies that provide critical illness coverage are available all over Canada and other areas. The issue is usually limited to individuals in good health between the ages of 18 and 65. This is for standard amounts of payout.

Of the several insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage, the qualification for benefit is that the insured must live at least 30 days after your diagnosis. Some companies have a longer waiting period for specific illnesses.

The qualification for receiving benefits is not based on inability to work. Covered persons collect the full amount even if they make a full recovery. There is usually a refund from insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage if a covered person dies and no benefit has been paid.

The coverage from insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage is offered in different forms. Some insurance companies that sell critical illness coverage offer it in small amounts in the form of group insurance benefits for employees. Not all insurance companies cover the same illnesses so make sure and find the best company for you.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Insurance Claim Tips Home Property Owners Need Know!

The most important of the insurance claim tips home property owners need to know is not to wait until after a disaster to discover your homeowners insurance doesn't really have you covered. THere are actually many insurance claim tips home property owners can think about so they can have peace of mind.

The first of the insurance claim tips home property owners need to know is to buy the right insurance. Everyone should know what they have, and you should know ahead of time that they are covered.rade group.

Looking at your insurance coverage in four areas such as the structure of your house, your belongings, your liability to others and your living expenses. If there's a disaster, this second of the insurance claim tips home property powners should kn ow is that you want to be able to rebuild your house and replace everything in it.

A third of the many insurance claim tips home property can remember is that you always need enough liability coverage to protect you in case you do get sued. Living expenses cover the cost of making the house livable while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. Still, that isn't everything.

Another of the many insurance claim tips home property is to get a replacement for your insurance. This is a policy, not a yard sale. It doesn't matter how much your possessions would get for you on the open market.

You want to be able to replace the things you lost with similar items. Another of the insurance claim tips home property owners will want to know is to make sure your policy spells out that both your home and its contents are covered by replacement-value insurance.

When it comes to replacing the home itself, it will be important to look for guaranteed-replacement-value coverage. This is one of the biggest insurance claim tips home property owners like to hear. Guaranteed replacement covers rebuilding no matter what the cost. With all of theseinsurance claim tips home property owners now have to think about, there is enough to keep them on the right path for a long time.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Insurance Claim Adjuster Training - Beware Websites That Can't Deliver

The International Insurance Institute provides classes for all levels of insurance claim adjuster training. From a 4 hour, one day course titled Soft Skills, to Technical Adjuster, which is three weeks. You may also purchase a copy of their book "8 Characteristics of an Awesome Adjuster." I personally would check other websites. I wouldn't trust the claim for Uncle Ernie's home burning to the ground with someone who had four hours of insurance claim adjuster training. I don't care how awesome they are. I wouldn't want to be an "awesome adjuster," I want to be a fair and have appropriate insurance claim adjuster training.

The good news is that after extensive research, I have found more reputable insurance claim adjuster training websites than I have found sketchy ones.

Fortunately, there are some great websites to help you get started in your insurance claim adjuster training. I recommend or for starters.

Although a high school education is sufficient to qualify for most adjuster positions many employers prefer to hire an adjuster that has a college degree or someone that has received specialized insurance claim adjuster training from a school focusing on the insurance industry. Also, a bachelor degree in business or several years as an employee in some insurance capacity can be nice.

If you are already employed in the insurance industry you might need to check to see if you just need to pass the examination with your work hours being traded for formalized insurance claim adjuster training.

If you do choose to get specialized training through an insurance claim adjuster training program than be sure to find out if the training you receive will make it possible for you to obtain your license. They may even help you to prepare for and administer the examination depending on your states requirements.

In Texas you could become eligible for a special "windstorm" certification. Here are some very basic requirements for you to meet before you apply for the insurance claim adjuster training or any examinations. If you've currently been working in the field, then you've already passed these: Be at least 18 years of age, No pending or past criminal record involving moral lapses, Pass a basic competency test, Usually involves English and math skills, Be trustworthy and have a good work ethic, Work well with people and have an inquisitive nature, Posses a spirit of fairness. All of these are necessary for eventual insurance claim adjuster training.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Insurance Broker Baltimore

Either if residents of the Baltimore area are looking for Auto, Home, or Life insurance, they should know there are many options when it comes to finding an insurance broker baltimore representative. The large name companies like Aflac, Allstate, and Progressive have insurance broker baltimore working with residents of the Baltimore area to find the best insurance plan and premium to fit each individual�s wants and needs.

An insurance broker baltimore representative usually works for either the known and large companies to the local less known companies. Crawford Insurance, Woodhome Insurance Group and Auto Insurance Brokers, Kennedy Insurance Agency, Creative Insurance, and National Insurance Service are to name a few of the local brokers offering Insurance in the Baltimore area.

Before signing with an insurance broker Baltimore rep, the consumer should do their research and shop around for the best plan and premium.

If you are looking for an insurance plan where all your needs can be covered: home, auto, life, and content; sometimes the best plan of action is to not stick to just one insurance broker baltimore representative for all the coverage. Many companies offer everything but only specialize in just a few particular insurance plans and give the best rates.

In the Baltimore area, in the hustle of the city, insurance brokers have to give competitive prices to gain clients. A smaller insurance broker baltimore representative will offer same day insurance coverage, regardless of the present driving record!

To gain access to an insurance broker Baltimore specialist, do a quick search on the internet. will list the numerous insurance companies and brokers and begin researching each to find which covers your needs.

To do a thorough check of the smaller agencies and their insuranc broker Baltimore reps, run a quick search through the Better Business Bureau website. This is a free public search to guarantee any suspicions of false claims or fraud made on the broker�s part.

It is never too late to be safe than sorry. When searching for an insurance broker Baltimore specialist, the main objective is to be fully covered for all your needs. The right insurance broker baltimore rep will be sure to make this possible for you.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Insurance Agent Taxes

Besides the taxes on insurance policies, did you know there are insurance agent taxes as well? According to insurance companies, since the internet has taken over a lot of their sales agent business, the extra insurance agent taxes now help to give an insurance agent higher commissions.

Is this fair to the consumer who feels more comfortable using an insurance agent rather than the internet? Not at all, many consumers feel this is not a legit reason for insurance agent taxes to be added to their already high insurance premiums.

The older consumers who are not computer literate should not be paying insurance agent taxes. Agents makes a percentage from each plan they sell, the internet has lessened there sales but that is not a reason to tack on more money.

Are these charges legit because they are called insurance agent taxes? According to the federal law, no. If an insurance agent needs to disclose all monies being charged before the day of the signing of an insurance policy.

As a consumer, you have the right to not sign and refuse a policy if you were unaware of certain charges or confused about certain charges. Insurance agent taxes do not have to skyrocket because of silly mistakes.

Always ask questions to the insurance agent before signing any policy. While getting quotes, if the insurance agent does not mention any insurance agent taxes or if he answers your question about taxes with a no, be sure to document the comment in case you use that particular agent and taxes show up on your insurance policy.

Once you are standing with a pen in hand, think of the insurance agent taxes as a way manipulating you into signing a contract without being totally honest from the beginning. A little thinking can go a long way and save you from alot of problems.

The Professional Insurance Agents Association is cutting down on fraud by insurance agents who do not follow the laws they signed. It is a federal offense for an insurance agent who charges extra money or taxes to their customers without disclosing the reason first. The government is aware of the insurance agent taxes and do not agree with this practice. If you have been a victim of insurance agent taxes, please get in touch with your local chapter to find out how to proceed with caution.

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