Sunday, September 6, 2009

Insurance Claim Adjuster Training - Beware Websites That Can't Deliver

The International Insurance Institute provides classes for all levels of insurance claim adjuster training. From a 4 hour, one day course titled Soft Skills, to Technical Adjuster, which is three weeks. You may also purchase a copy of their book "8 Characteristics of an Awesome Adjuster." I personally would check other websites. I wouldn't trust the claim for Uncle Ernie's home burning to the ground with someone who had four hours of insurance claim adjuster training. I don't care how awesome they are. I wouldn't want to be an "awesome adjuster," I want to be a fair and have appropriate insurance claim adjuster training.

The good news is that after extensive research, I have found more reputable insurance claim adjuster training websites than I have found sketchy ones.

Fortunately, there are some great websites to help you get started in your insurance claim adjuster training. I recommend or for starters.

Although a high school education is sufficient to qualify for most adjuster positions many employers prefer to hire an adjuster that has a college degree or someone that has received specialized insurance claim adjuster training from a school focusing on the insurance industry. Also, a bachelor degree in business or several years as an employee in some insurance capacity can be nice.

If you are already employed in the insurance industry you might need to check to see if you just need to pass the examination with your work hours being traded for formalized insurance claim adjuster training.

If you do choose to get specialized training through an insurance claim adjuster training program than be sure to find out if the training you receive will make it possible for you to obtain your license. They may even help you to prepare for and administer the examination depending on your states requirements.

In Texas you could become eligible for a special "windstorm" certification. Here are some very basic requirements for you to meet before you apply for the insurance claim adjuster training or any examinations. If you've currently been working in the field, then you've already passed these: Be at least 18 years of age, No pending or past criminal record involving moral lapses, Pass a basic competency test, Usually involves English and math skills, Be trustworthy and have a good work ethic, Work well with people and have an inquisitive nature, Posses a spirit of fairness. All of these are necessary for eventual insurance claim adjuster training.