Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Florida Public Insurance Adjusters - A Sense Of Fairness

When you submit a claim to the florida public insurance adjuster, the company assigns the adjuster/examiner to you case in order to determine how much, if any settlement you will be paid. The florida public insurance adjuster has to be careful not to violate your rights and must act fairly and responsibly, but ultimately they work for their insurance company and not for you as the claimant.

It is a little known fact that you may employ the use of a florida public insurance adjuster to work alongside the company's adjuster to oversee the interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence process. They have to follow the laws like the company insurance adjuster, but you have hired them as a florida public insurance adjuster and it is their job to look after your needs as the claimant, not the insurance company.

I would think a career as a florida public insurance adjuster would be particularly attractive to persons who are interested in the fairness of claims payouts, as you would be representing "the little guy", and not a big company.

The majority of people who hire a florida public insurance adjuster are small businesses and private citizens who need the matter settled quickly. Large corporations may be able to wait for months on for a claim payout, but small businesses could fold if they cannot recover from a loss in a timely manner.

It's not the job of an insurance company to get a claim settled quickly, despite what the television ads may lead you to believe. They also may be working on out-dated estimates boards, whereas a florida public insurance adjuster keeps up on the latest cost estimates as part of their job.

A florida public insurance adjuster charges approximately 10 percent of the payment on the claim. The insurance company does not have to legally accept the cost estimate given by your privately hired public claims adjuster, but if the companies cost estimate came in very low, they are more likely to accept your florida public insurance adjuster estimate, or risk a lengthy court battle. If they do not accept your public adjusters estimate, you will probably need to hire an attorney. Inside is the ultimate website for finding information for becoming a Florida public insurance adjuster.